Greek Olive Sweet

Greek sweets are the most traditional sweets and are found everywhere in Greece. These traditional treats display a warm welcome to a visitor.

Greek olive sgluko eliaweet is made from whole Kalamon olives, whose core has been removed. Reddish color of its syrup is due to this variety of olives. Deliroom Olive sweet with this special flavor is produced after a heat treatment, adding sugar, honey and spices. Olive
sweet highlights the strong olive taste without any sense of saltiness or bitterness.

Deliroom Olive sweet is a unique product which satisfies the most selective palates. It can be served with the greek traditional way as independent desert or otherwise as part of other deserts enriching them with a different taste. Another more extreme combination is olive sweet in cooking dishes (like green salad, yogurt and soft cheese) as well as into alcohol cocktails.



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  2. Shari Waziri

    I was on holiday in Parga. Bought them at aegis. Like them very much.
    How can I order some for me? I live in Austria – Innsbruck.

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